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Alumni LEAD Event

Dear Alumni Brothers,

As our Fraternity continues to develop and learn year-after-year, it is of the utmost importance to stay connected with the Brothers who hold the status of being an alumni at Western Michigan University. When setting goals this past spring for the upcoming academic year, a major goal that was set by the executive committee was to “Re-connect” with alumni. Brothers of the Fraternity feel even more empowered when they see an alumni of our university and the Epsilon Omicron chapter, speaking about success in their careers and life after WMU. The active brothers walk out of the room with more confidence which can put them on the path to success, through development of necessary skills, networking, and establishing the basic building blocks of business acumen.

For many Brothers, the LEAD conference is one of the most beneficial experiences they have had with Delta Sigma Pi. Because of LEAD having such a tremendous impact on brothers, we are aiming to create a new event that will involve all brothers and alumni of our chapter, The Epsilon Omicron Alumni LEAD School.

The date of this event is Friday, March 24th, 2017. The event will begin at 5pm and will run no later than 9pm. The event will be set up just as LEAD is with one room being the main conference room, along with an additional 3-4 classrooms to be set up as “breakout sessions”. Each of these rooms will hold around 10-15 of the chapters current brothers with the speaker being an alumni from our chapter. Each alumni speaker will be given 30-45 minutes of time to present to current brothers about careers, leadership skills, resumes, interviewing, goal setting, or anything else the presenter feels will inspire and motivate the chapter. In addition, we will host a round table discussion where the speakers will answer a list of questions, plus any questions the brothers have for the panel. Some topics may include current industry trends, office politics, soft skills (such as handshake, eye contact, posture, etc.), choosing the proper path, emotional intelligence, etc. The speakers will be given a list of topics to choose from, but may also develop their own topics to speak on (all topics must be approved by EO’s executive committee). A formal schedule will be sent out to all alumni and Brothers one week prior to the event.

Not only will this event be very beneficial to the chapter, but it will also be a great experience for our alumni. All alumni are invited to attend this event, and we would be honored to have them in attendance. This event will allow alumni the opportunity to see the changes that have been made in the chapter, and allow active brothers to network, seek advice, and learn ideas that were previously a part of the chapter’s development. After the event has ended, we will have plenty time to explore Kalamazoo together once again. If you have any interest in presenting at this event please contact myself or the Vice President of Professional Affiliations Ben Coburn. If you would like to attend the event please RSVP by contacting the Vice President of Alumni Relations Emmett Stone.

Initiation is the following day if you wish to attend and participate as well, please RSVP with Emmett Stone.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you at the event! Remember, it’s not four years, it’s for life.


Paul Roosa

President Delta Sigma Pi – Epsilon Omicron Chapter


Emmett Stone

VPAR Delta Sigma Pi – Epsilon Omicron Chapter

Ben Coburn

VPPA Delta Sigma Pi – Epsilon Omicron Chapter

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